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Welcome & acknowledgement

This is a page based on the Sinorca design, by Haran. You can find this and many more pages at

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Some features of the Sinorca design by Haran

Standards compliant
Sinorca is 100% compliant with XHTML 1.0 Strict and CSS 2 for more consistent browser rendering. The design is also XHTML 1.1-ready, merely requiring an XML declaration and a change of DTD.
Layout without tables
Unlike this design’s inspiration, Sinorca does not use tables for layout purposes. This stems from my personal conviction that tables should only be used to display tabular data.
Use of browser-specific styles
Styles which are perculiar to a specific web browser paradigm are encoded in the stylesheet itself. This ensures that users of Mozilla-based browsers and Internet Explorer see nearly the same design.
Relative metrics
Most measurements (such as widths and spacings) are font-size relative. This means that if a viewer changes the page’s default font size, the document metrics also change to compensate.
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Thank You

I want say thank you to Haran, he did a good demonstrate in XHTML 1.0 and CSS 2. The style without tables is really cool, I allways thought the same way: tables are for tables and not for layout! So, THNAK YOU HARAN!